Find a penny, pick it up, it could be worth more than good luck.

I love finding pennies. One of my aunt's sister-in-law's once told me a story about a friend who found a penny, put the sign of the cross on it and put it in her shoe and then something miraculous happened.

This story would be better if I could remember what that miraculous thing was, whoops. I do, though, put a cross on all of my pennies and then put them in my shoe.

If I find a penny in Chicago, I probably need to look at it before 'cross'-ing it, because there are lucky pennies in Chicago and nine other cities across the country that are worth $1,000.

This is a publicity stunt from Ally Financial and it's genius. They are hiding pennies across the country to get the message out there that pennies are not worthless.

The Ally pennies are a little bit bigger than real pennies, and obviously worth much more. If you find one of the Ally pennies, all you need to do is go to their website and enter the code to claim your winnings.

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