Years after a family camera was dropped in a pond, it was finally found.

Have you ever lost family pictures that can never be replaced? It's a sick feeling. Maybe, your computer breaks, you accidentally delete them off your phone, or you lose the camera.

My basement flooded a few years ago and several meaningful pictures were destroyed to never be seen again. I was heartbroken.

Have you gone fishing and snagged your line on something? I caught an old tire once.

Did you ever own a metal detector? Last summer, I was in Florida. While hanging out on the beach, I saw a guy with one. I talked to him for a little bit. He said he found cool stuff buried in the sand all the time.

Does your neighborhood have the Nextdoor app? If it does and you don't subscribe to it, I definitely recommend joining. It's a good way to keep informed on what's going on in the area.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself, those are all random thoughts. Well, for this next story they all fit together.

Thanks to the Daily Herald for sharing these events. It's nice to hear good news.

A few years ago, a woman was fishing with her family at a pond in Elgin. Her camera slipped out of her pocket and fell into the water. Thousands of special family photos lost forever.

A couple of boys were finishing at the same pond last summer. They dropped their father's pliers into the water. Again, gone forever.

Recently, while stuck at home during quarantine, their father found a giant magnet. They decided to take it to the pond to try and find the lost tool and maybe some other treasures. Guess what they pulled out of the pond. If you said that lost camera, then you're correct.

The boy's parents pulled out the memory card and posted a couple of the pictures on their neighborhood's Nextdoor app. The owner saw them and claimed the lost camera.

You have to love a story with a happy ending like that.

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