It's Lori's Birthday today. I got her a gift card, a card that says "wiener" and a cookie cake.

Photo - Captain Jack
Photo - Captain Jack


"Is it o.k. if I eat this entire cookie cake for breakfast", she said. It is her birthday, she IS eating for two, so hell yes you can eat a cookie cake for breakfast.

As I sit in my office trying to start my day, out of the corner of my eye I'm watching her destroy this cookie cake I bought her.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Starting the day off right with a solid meal makes everything run smoother.

This got me thinking about all the great places to go for breakfast in Rockford.

According to Yelp here are 10 Great Places to Grab Breakfast in Rockford.


  • Eggsclusive Cafe
  • Egg Harbor Café
  • Fresco at the Gardens
  • Johnny Pamcakes
  • Dandy Donuts
  • Magpie
  • Meg’s Daily Grind
  • Cracker Barrel Old Country Store
  • Corner Cafe
  • Eggspress

Currently I eat egg whites and turkey for breakfast, pretty much everyday. So I am living through Lori and her cookie cake destruction. Happy Birthday Lori!





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