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Last week we ran something on the website: Someone is Ducking Jeep Wranglers All Over Rockford. Eagle listener Karissa Gelafio reached out with even more "ducking" information, and details about a Jeep Ducking Parade this weekend.

Check this out:

its not just wranglers though. its all jeeps. cherokees, liberty, renegades, grand cherokees, and so on so forth. Us screw city jeeps 815 has been doing this since it first started. I drive a 2020 jeep cherokee and ive gotten 16 ducks overall by different types of jeeps. just want to clarify. some of us jeep people are hurt by being ignored by the fact we're not all wranglers. we're a jeep family. - Karissa Gelafio 

How cool is that? Karissa also shared info about a parade this weekend...Get ready for "Jeep Freeze 2020."

This comes from the Jeep Freeze 2020 Facebook page:

All Jeeps are welcome to Jeep Freeze 2020 a fundraiser for Gigi's Playhouse - I am suggesting a $10 donation to Gigi's if you plan on joining us, but it is not required. Donations can be made at https://gigisplayhouse.org/rockford/ by clicking the Green Donate button in the upper right hand corner PLEASE ENTER Jeep Freeze 2020 under the organization button! You may also donate more if you are feeling generous. Donations can be made at any time. - Jeep Freeze 2020

The parade will begin at the old Magna parking lot next to Don Carter Lanes, at 1pm.

No matter your Jeep make and model, just "ducking" join in on the fun this Saturday. Hats off to Screw City Jeeps 815 for doing something fun and amazing for the community.

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