The biggest dog show in the world kicked off today and Rockford has a dog in the fight. 

Kent Meyer from Meyer's Tails Up Farm will be competing at Madison Square Garden tonight with his Bouvier Des Flandres, JT. The herding group competition will be televised tonight on Fox Sports 1 beginning at 7PM.

If you didn't know what a Bouvier Des Flandres was before reading this post don't worry, neither did I nor anyone I've talked to. After some quick Wikipedia-ing I found out that it's a pretty big breed, about 100 pounds, a good guard dog, and a "natural herder."

The most famous Bouvier was probably Lucky, Ronald Regan's dog while in the White House. I don't know if JT will achieve the fame that Lucky did but if that Best In Show Ribbon comes around he'll have a pretty busy calendar.

For more information on the Westminster Dog Show, including broadcast times visit their website here.


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