The movie, "Little Shop Of Horrors" with it's original deleted ending is coming back to theaters including in Rockford for Halloween.

I know with all our technology, I don't have to leave my house to watch a movie. In fact, I don't even need a TV. All I need is the Netflix app on my phone and I'm set to go.

There is something to be said about going to an actual movie theater and watching a film on a big screen. Plus, my popcorn never tastes as good.

The only problem is once a movie is gone from the theater, that's it.

Recently, several classic movies have been re-released to theaters for a limited time. Usually for one day.

It gives you a chance to go back and once again see some of your favorite movies on the big screen.

It's cool when they bring back seasonal ones.

For Halloween this year, "LIttle Shop Of Horrors" is coming back for Halloween. Plus, this version is going to be a little bit different. According to,

"Fathom Events is bringing the beloved rock musical Little Shop of Horrors back to theaters Oct. 29 and 31 with an elaborate 23-minute ending cut from the original movie before its release in 1986."

This would be a fun way to celebrate Halloween this year.

I might have to go check this out.

It's coming to Showplace 16 in Rockford.

On October 29th and 31st at 2pm and 7pm.

Enjoy the show.

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