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When you look at a picture of food and your mouth waters, that's a darn good sign.

Little Nick's BBQ will be open on January 25th, at 3118 Auburn Street in Rockford, and this looks delicious.

Let's learn a little about Pitmaster Thad:

I learned how to run the pit from the best pitmaster in Cincinnati. 30 years later, I am carrying on that legacy in my hometown of Rockford. Not only do I have my PhB :) (Doctorate of BBQ) I also specialize in making all our sides & desserts from scratch. - Pitmaster Thad Denthriff


Little Nick's BBQ, is a 4th generation owned company that began in 1953 in Missouri. If you know how they do pork and all the goodies down down south, oh man I can't wait. They celebrate the simplicity and authenticity of good old fashioned Mississippi BBQ

The menu for Little Nick's BBQ includes St. Louis Cut Ribs, brisket, pork shoulder, jerk chicken, pulled smoke chicken and more. Oh, and they are also working on some BBQ pizza menu items, check this out:

For all the delicious details about "Little Nick's BBQ" CLICK HERE for their Facebook page and links to their various social media outlets. Pitmaster Thad comes across on the videos as a guy that truly loves what he does, and is passionate about his BBQ, for that we salute you.



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