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AMC will reopen thirty five theatres today across the country, including in Machesney Park and Rockford! WREX That's right, you can go to the movies this weekend.

In the next week or so, AMC will reopen 40 different locations in Illinois, but we are some of the lucky ones I guess. There are some strict policies when it come to making sure that each of the theatres are clean and ready to have people in attendance. Also movie fans in attendance will have follow rules and guidelines, including mask wearing and the proper amount of space between all of the movie goers.

This is a start, and a good one! For a list of show times and all that good stuff CLICK HERE The theatres are all following some strict rules and protocol to get things up and running again, it's up to us to do are part as well.

This is another step, I can smell the popcorn already, towards getting all of our favorite entertainment back to OUR normal. What a better way to get things rolling and lead us to some local concerts, than taking the family to a movie. Oh how I look forward to taking my guys and doing what I always do in a movie theatre, no matter what is playing...Fall asleep twenty minutes in.


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