The clock stopped ticking a while ago, now it's going to be destroyed.

Double T - Clock Tower Resort
Double T - Clock Tower Resort

The giant eyesore known as the Clock Tower Resort is in its final hours. According to WIFR December will be the last month that you will see what is left of the clock tower, standing.

Back in May the property was sold for $3 million and the new owners are coughing up another million plus to tear it all down.

So you knock it all down and then what? The vote on it becoming a casino didn't work so well the first time around. Hopefully, the smart people in Springfield can get it right this next time and grant the new owners the casino license. Big dollars and jobs for Rockford people, let's get this casino thing rolling.

So maybe drive by the Clock Tower Resort one last time and soak in all the good memories of the past. Did you see a comedy show, catch a movie, do some shopping? Or did you donate money when they tried to fix it, which lasted like three weeks.

Goodbye Clock Tower Resort, now we will never know the incorrect time as we drive out of town.




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