During this shutdown, the need for prepared meals has increased and with it the need for volunteers.

Lifescape provides meals, primary with senior citizens, and is now providing nearly 150 hot meals than they did before.

This is due to them easing the requirements for a recipient of meals on wheels at the beginning of the shutdown.

Lifescape marketing director Zach Satterlee said:

You only need to be 60 years of age and that's it,"

So far the outpouring of support from the community has been good, but with their increased demand the need for more volunteers is also increased.

Mike Hughes, Lifescape executive director has been more than impressed with the staff, volunteers, and people that have come into Lifescape. He also said that with the more volunteers they have the more often they would be able to check in on clients.

If we don't check on them for the vast majority of our clients, nobody will. So if they are sick how do they get taken care of, how do they know they can get out,"

Lifescape is taking the extra precautions not to spread germs by having all their drivers wear face masks all day, changing gloves in between every delivery, and washing their hands constantly.

If you are interested and would like to volunteer, please apply at lifescapeservices.org

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