When marijuana becomes legal in Illinois, it's going to be pricey.

I know a lot of people in Illinois are excited for legal recreational cannabis coming to our state in 2020. If you are among that group, you might want to start a "pot fund" because it's going to cost you some serious cash.

According to chicago.suntimes.com,

"The price of a legal high is likely gonna cost you. Both taxes and an expected supply shortage could result in pricy recreational pot products when the drug is fully legalized in Illinois at the start of next year."

Of course, the government will want their share. That's why they are legalizing it. Plus, there's going to be supply and demand issues which will push up the prices. Demand is going to be huge. Especially, in the beginning. The dispensaries won't be able to keep up. They do promise to keep some aside for the medical users.

Some experts predict that customers may decide to continue to purchase weed illegally. Though, they believe people from out-of-state will come to Illinois to buy it.

After the novelty has worn out, the prices could drop. That has happened in other legal states.

If you plan on being on board right away, you might want to change that "Christmas Club" account to a marijuana one.


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