A lawsuit in Chicago is fighting the "no exposed breasts" ordinance in the city.

There's a simple law in the Windy City that pretty much says, women can't have naked breasts in public. Of course, it's okay for men to do it. It's a basic rule for the majority of places in Illinois.

Someone thinks this issue needs to be updated.

According to wgntv.com,

"A federal judge has given a green light to a transgender performance artist’s lawsuit challenging a Chicago ordinance prohibiting women but not men from exposing their breasts in certain public venues." 

The plaintiff, in this case, is Bea Sullivan-Knoff. She believes the law is "too vague."

Her argument is...

"It doesn’t indicate how police are supposed to decide when transgender individuals have female breasts or when someone identifying as male no longer has female breasts. She says the ordinance limits her options about where to perform."

Sullivan-Knoff will still have to prove that the current law violates her constitutional rights for anything to be changed.

This will be interesting to see how it all works out in the end.


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