The weekend no one really ever wants to arrive, has. Thanksgiving weekend is your last chance for a drive-thru bag of cider donuts.

Edwards Apple Orchard on Centerville Road in Poplar Grove will be closing for the season, on November 29. The Apple Barn store and the drive-thru are open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m..


This is also the last day of the season for Edwards Orchard West, on Cemetery Road in Winnebago.

Don't miss this last opportunity to stock up on many items that you can freeze. Edward's fudge, pumpkin rolls, and apple cider can all be frozen to enjoy this winter, according to Edwards' website. Even their honey crisp apples will keep for months, if you store them properly.


The drive-thru was just perfect for me and my wife on our first post-quarantine venture out. Now that the sickness has passed, at least in our home, it was time for a cider donut binge.


Both Edwards Orchard locations will be closed on Thanksgiving Day.

You have until Sunday, November 29th to shop, and to take a couple of great photos. This first photo op at Edwards in Poplar Grove made us laugh out loud.


The other photo op couldn't be more 'holiday' perfect.


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