The Oscar Mayer plant in Madison, WI will be shutting down next year.


Realistic hot dog vector illustration

According to WKOW, the plant that has been on Madison for over 100 years will come to a slow, grinding stop March 2017.

450 people are still employed but the company is laying people off in small groups as their departments get shut down.

The Oscar Mayer plant sits on 50 acres of land, best of luck to all the workers.

Typically the "hot dog" world is reserved for summer fun. BBQ's, pool parties, ballgames, family reunions, etc. But what can you do with the wieners this fall?

Want to add some spice, a little extra something to your dog? According to Parade here are 10 Ways to Spice up the Wiener:

  • Italian Dogs
  • Pimento Cheese Dogs
  • BLT Dogs
  • Buffalo Wing Dogs
  • Cheeseburger Dogs
  • Nacho Dogs
  • Southwestern Dogs
  • Hawaiian BBQ Dogs
  • Philly Cheese Dogs
  • Chicago Dog

Just so I can type wiener one more time, here is the Oscar Mayer Wiener song:



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