Brace yourself Han Solo season is rapidly approaching and with it the reason of pumpkin spice EVERYTHING!!!!!

Eric Hood

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the biggest fan of pumpkin spice. And with the changing of the seasons, we're about to find it everywhere!

While I might not big the biggest pumpkin spice fan, pumpkin pie is a different story.

It's not Thanksgiving for me until I have at least one piece. (Side note: Kate's Pie Shop is the best place locally to grab a slice! Seriously the best I've ever had!)

Fireball Whiskey's popularity seems to have grown in recent years as well.

I will say the cinnamon flavor of Fireball pairs nicely with a hard apple cider. Of course, when enjoyed responsibly.

Someone has now gone a step further by combining the deliciousness of pumpkin pie with the spicy cinnamon taste of Fireball, to give us Fireball Pumpkin Pie!

Another aspect that sets this pie apart from the others, it's made entirely on a BBQ pit grill. The instructions also seem pretty easy to follow, so even if baking isn't your thing you could still bring this to your next bonfire get-together.

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