Just because it's Lent, doesn't mean you have to give up Portillo's.

They have special menu items that will be offered for a limited time here in Rockford for the Lenten season.

NBC Chicagoreports that Portillo's "is offering some new options to accommodate customers during Lent."

These items include:

"A grilled portobello sandwich [that will be available] every day at all of its locations." Plus, "a new tuna salad sandwich on a pretzel roll as well, with both new items slated to be on the menu through March 31."

Portillo's will also serve up their "pepper and egg sandwich every Friday throughout Lent."

Mmmm... I'm not even Catholic and my mouth is watering for these tasty items.

See there's still good things to eat at Portillo's even when you can't eat meat.

To tell you the truth, I'd forgo meat anyhow just to nosh on these.

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