A first-ever concert recording from the only tour featuring brothers Johnny and Donnie Van Zant is set for release this summer.

As expected, Red White and Blue: Live features highlight moments from their respective tenures in Lynyrd Skynyrd and .38 Special – as well as a No. 8 country hit from their group Van Zant titled "Help Somebody." Johnny and Donnie also performed "Call Me the Breeze," "Wild Eyed Southern Boys" and "Sweet Home Alabama" during a Jan. 28, 2006 stop in Valdosta, Ga. The title song found a home on Lynyrd Skynyrd's 2003 album Vicious Cycle, as well. A complete track listing is below.

“The plan was always to enjoy ourselves and have fun,” Donnie Van Zant says in pre-release materials, “and this recording captures a moment when we had a great night.”

Johnny and Donnie have recorded five studio projects together as Van Zant, beginning in 1985. Their 2005 album Get Right with the Man, which featured "Help Somebody," finished just outside the Billboard Top 20. That album saw Van Zant take a turn toward country music, in keeping with a long-held dream of their brother Ronnie Van Zant - the late original Lynyrd Skynyrd frontman who Johnny succeeded.

Red White and Blue: Live, due on July 1, was recorded by Donnie's long-time .38 Special bandmate Larry Junstrom, but never saw release before now.

'Red White and Blue: Live' Track Listing
"Takin' Up Space"
"Ain't Nobody Gonna Tell Me What To Do"
"Sweet Mama"
"Wild Eyed Southern Boys"
"Things I Miss the Most"
"I Know My History"
"Help Somebody"
"Plain Jane"
"I Can’t Help Myself"
"I'm Doin’ Alright"
"Red White & Blue
"My Kind of Country"
"Call Me the Breeze"
"Sweet Home Alabama"

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