I've always said naming a child has got to be the most difficult task when having a baby. You know that at one point in time, child will say to mommy and daddy, "how did I get my name?"

For Chicago Bears lack luster quarterback Jay Cutler and his wife, reality television star Kristin Cavallari, naming their baby daughter will be simple. They will name it after a dog.

The couple is expecting their third child, a baby girl, around Thanksgiving WGNTV reports.

Kristin Cavallari said in a recent interview, that she met a woman and her dog with a spectacular name a few years ago.

Kristin said in an interview with Cricket's Circle:

“We picked out this baby girl’s name when I was pregnant with our first. I met a woman and her dog, and I loved her dog’s name. Funny enough, it was the name she had picked out if she had a girl, but she had boys, so she used it for her dog instead. Here we are 3 1/2 years later, and we are going to use that name for our little girl!”

Well, that's how she is getting the name for her and Jay's new bundle of joy.

They plan on naming their baby girl after a dog. I searched the internet for her current dog's name, because she used the name for her dog as well. I turned up with no luck. I guess we will have to wait to see what this name will be.

Either way, let's just hope once "Baby with Girly Dog Name" is born she is healthy and happy and is Jay Cutler's good luck charm.