When making your way through school/college and the few years shortly after, everyone aspires to achieve success by securing their dream job once they enter the working world, but just what are the odds of actually landing your dream job?

To discover this, Casinos.com decided to crunch the numbers by analyzing job data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics across every state in America to reveal the true odds of landing various dream jobs such as Doctor, Lawyer, or Pilot, to name a few.


The Odds of Getting Your Dream Job

New research from Casinos.com, which analyzed job numbers across America, has revealed the odds of you landing your dream job and in which states this is most likely to happen.

Utilizing data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the dream jobs that were analyzed for this research consist of positions like Doctor, Singer, Athlete, Pilot, and more.

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Dreaming of Illinois: The Land of (Un)fulfilled Dreams

Everybody has a dream job when they are growing up and making their way through school, with some of these jobs seeming more attainable than others.

But have you ever wondered what the odds are of you landing your dream job? Well, if you find yourself in the Land of Lincoln, Illinois, the odds may not exactly be in your favor.


Let's take a look at the dream jobs and their odds in Illinois:

Doctor: 1 in 344 - You might need a doctor yourself after realizing the odds.

Lawyer: 1 in 188 - Looks like Illinois is fond of legal battles and briefcases!

Veterinarian: 1 in 2,203 - It's a ruff time for aspiring animal healers in Illinois.

Psychologist: 1 in 535 - Dealing with the odds can be a mind-boggling experience.

Photographer: 1 in 3,247 - The chance of snapping your dream job away is quite high.

Singer: 1 in 3,802 - Illinois might be singing a different tune when it comes to landing this job.

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Athlete: 1 in 17,544 - It seems like Illinois is not the champion state for aspiring sports stars.

Writer: 1 in 1,783 - The pen might not be mightier than the odds in Illinois.

Architect: 1 in 1,140 - Building your dream job may require a detour in the Prairie State.

Firefighter: 1 in 367 - Fighting fires might be easier than fighting the odds in Illinois.

Pilot: 1 in 873 - The sky's the limit, but the odds might keep you grounded in Illinois.

Chef: 1 in 1,064 - The chances of savoring your dream job in Illinois may be a tough recipe to crack.


When it comes to the states in which you are most likely to land these jobs, the research revealed some interesting findings.

If you're set on becoming a psychologist, Illinois might just be your lucky charm with odds of 1 in 535.

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Illinois might not be the dream job destination, but it's worth exploring other states for better odds. Like if you're an aspiring pilot, Alaska takes the crown with odds of 1 in 165. For lawyers, New York seems to be the land of legal opportunities with odds of 1 in 106.

If you're in Illinois, don't let the odds discourage you, these stats can be whimsical, and sometimes the most unexpected things happen.

Keep dreaming big, keep working hard, and who knows, you might just beat the odds and land your dream job in the most unlikely of places!

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