Some people love to travel and others loathe the idea of it. I'm not the latter and an expert, however, I know one thing: MDW sucks.

Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW) pales in comparison to Chicagoland's other airport, Chicago O'Hare International Airport. M-Dub has one terminal, O'Hare has 4, and that's just the beginning of the size comparison.

We all know size doesn't matter so that has nothing to do with why MDW sucks. And, to back up my proclamation about the airport, I found proof that I'm not alone in this opinion I found more than just hearsay evidence.


First: the worst part of Midway Airport isn't some of the unpleasant TSA security staff who oftentimes run around like chickens without heads.

It's not the lack of fresh food options. It's not even the fact that so many of the power outlets/USB charging stations don't work.

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What makes MDW the worst? The restrooms, they are all disgusting. I can't vouch for the women's restrooms (obviously) but I can tell you the restrooms I had access to all smelled like a rest stop bathroom on a 100-degree day.

Yes, I went to all of them hoping to find one that wouldn't make me gag. It was Mission Impossible without a victory.


Now, to back my opinion and to solidify MDW's level of sucktitude, here are more "Midway is the worst" info from two credible sources.

In 2023, a survey about the best and worst airports for travel in the US was published. The results were based on the number of delays at every US airport in 2022.

The top 5 were Orlando International, Newark Liberty International Aiport, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International, Tampa International Airport, and Miami International Airport.

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#7 on the list was Chicago Midway International Airport, according to Family Destinations Guide. You can read more here.

And, over at (created for travelers by travelers), have a detailed article about what makes MDW a nightmare, pics included.

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