Mother's Day 2023 is Sunday, May 14, and before you spend a bunch of money on a huge mistake, here are 5 things Illinois moms definitely DO NOT want for Mother's Day this year.

Helpful Mother's Day Advice

The other day I saw this humorous TikTok video that got me thinking about do's and don'ts for Mother's Day...



@thevondyfam If all else fails, access my phone, open my tabs, look at one of the numerous shopping carts I have open and take your pick ❤️ #mothersdaygift#thrillerbooks#walmartfinds♬ original sound - Emily Vondy

Here are 2 very important things you should remember when picking gifts for Mom;

  • Moms don't want you to spend a bunch of money on them.
  • Moms don't want anything that will require them to do MORE work.

Sure, some moms have been yearning for an expensive piece of jewelry or gadget, but unless you know FOR SURE what she wants...don't go there.

5 Things Mom Doesn't Want for Mother's Day

I'm a mom, most of my friends are moms, and I have a mom, so I hear a lot of talk about what most women do NOT want for Mother's Day.

While the list of bad gift ideas is long, let's sum it up with five "I don't want" things I've heard mentioned the most...

1. Flowers


I'm specifically talking about pricey flower bouquets here, NOT hanging flower baskets or planters for the yard. Yes, most moms love flowers, but if you're going to spend a decent chunk of change on them, make sure it's on something we can smell and enjoy all summer long.

2. Expensive Bath Products

Photo by shawnee wilborn on Unsplash
Photo by shawnee wilborn on Unsplash

Some moms love taking relaxing baths, but the problem with buying fancy bath products for Mother's Day is cost and scent specific. Overpaying for something you think is fancy is something most moms don't want you to do, and going rogue with a scent option is always a horrible idea. Moms don't want to feel obligated to bathe in scented bubbles that make them nauseous, not to mention it's darn hard to find the time to take a long, relaxing bath. Steer clear.

3. A Gym Membership, Scale, or anything that screams "You need to lose weight"

Lose weight concept with person on a scale measuring kilograms

Mom may say that she needs to go on a diet all the time, but your gift should never push her in that direction unless she SPECIFICALLY asks for it. No one wants to make Mom cry on Mother's Day.

4. Domestic appliances

vacuum cleaner set vector illustration isolated on a white background

Your home may very well need a new vacuum, toaster, iron, washing machine, garbage can, etc., but why on Earth would you ever think a gift that screams "feed me", "clean me", or "do more work", is ever a good idea? You big dummy.

5. A Gift That's Really For You Too


While buying Mom a special experience is something I'm usually on board with, just know going down this road can be a slippery slope. If you're going to buy two concert tickets, for instance, make sure it's a concert that Mom would actually enjoy and is NOT required to take you to as well. Not all moms want to go to a NASCAR race or rock concert, sometimes they want to go see Taylor Swift with their bestie instead of you.

The Most Important Thing to Remember About Mother's Day

The whole purpose of Mother's Day is to make the woman who gave birth to us and/or devoted their life to helping us thrive feel special. Accomplishing this doesn't require a lot of money, it only requires your presence. Make or do something that will make mom smile. Spend time with her. Simply say, thank you.

YOU are the most important thing in Mom's life. All she needs to make Mother's Day special is YOU, (and maybe some of these Illinois-specific gift ideas).

We love you, Mom!

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