If someone told you to age yourself with a restaurant, store, or something that used to be in Rockford, what would you say?

Circuit City, Hilander, Lone Star Steakhouse, Gordman's, Ponderosa, and Fazoli's...  I'll just age myself with Media Play.

The smell of that overpriced store is coming back to me.

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There's actually one place I do miss a lot because I had such fond memories with my family.  You know where La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings & Décor is on Perryville?  Think about what used to be there.

You're From Rockford If You Remember This Iconic Family Buffet

Hometown Buffet, baby.  Everyone in town was there on a Saturday night, I swear!

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I remember it was so cheap to eat at Hometown Buffet.  My parents weren't big fans of dining out, but they were always down to take me and my sisters here haha.

The best part about Hometown Buffet was the ice cream machine.  It was the big, bulky machine with three levers and one of the flavors was a chocolate and vanilla swirl.  ICONIC!  Oh, what I'd do to eat that ice cream one more time.


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Here are a ton of other stores and restaurants that used to be in Rockford that majority of us wish would return.  Some I've never heard of because I was probably a baby when they were around.

Do you remember any of these being in Rockford?

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