Buh bye empty buildings in downtown Rockford, get ready for the hustle and bustle to come back including Rockford's first downtown daiquiri bar. 

The summer of 2021 was a big one for downtown Rockford. After the pandemic, the world was alive again. Restaurants were open, bars were taking over the streets (in a good way) and there was a positive vibe running from the East edge of downtown thru the West end.

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In the past few years, things have tamed down a bit. We've seen more than a handful of businesses close or move to a different location and the popping vibes just weren't the same in the summer of 2023.

But, this is a happy story, because it looks like the summer of 2024 will be buzzing again!

If you happened to walk down State Street over the weekend, you know what I'm talking about!

Not only did we find out that Disco Chicken is taking over the old Taco Betty building - including the rooftop!!!

A New Cocktail Lounge Is Coming to Downtown Rockford, IL

But, we were also invited inside Sheila's Daiquiri Lounge taking over the Kryptonite spot near Stewart Square.

Doesn't a daiquiri lounge sound delicious?

What to Expect at Sheila's Daiquiri Lounge in Rockford

No word on the official opening date, but Shelia did use the hashtag, #SheilasDaiquiriLounge2024 in her post, so we have our fingers crossed that means we're be sipping frozen strawberry drinks sooner than later.

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With Sheila's, Disco Chicken and the new Taco Libre in the old Vintage 501 spot, I'm about to plan a summer 2024 bar crawl, who's coming?

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