Need a little inspo to make 2024 the best year ever? One of your favorite Destiny's Child members has got you covered!

Even better, she's from here in Rockford, Illinois, too! You know I'm talking, the one and only Michelle Williams!

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Michelle got her start with Beyonce and Kelly back in the day, but now she is continuing to have success in the spotlight, most recently performing with her cousin Evandia Penix on the new FOX TV show, 'We Are Family.'

The show is packed with surprise famous family and their singing relatives, since Michelle's part in the show as a surprise, she couldn't talk about it before it aired, but now that she's been revealed, she had the chance to talk about the show and give some motivational words to viewers, especially those of us in Rockford.

I got the chance to chat with both Michelle and Evandia this week on Good Day Stateline (5:30 and 11pm weeknights on FOX39) and loved what they had to say about sticking to what you love, that being consistent will help open doors in the future.

You know, it's always good to hear advice anytime, but at the beginning of the year, it's even better.

Be consistent and follow your dreams, you can't beat that advice right?

New episodes of 'We Are Family,' air on Wednesday nights on FOX, will there be any other Illinois celebs on the show? We'll see!

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