Time to pack your bags and move out of Illinois because we were just named one of the worst state to be poor in.  That is... if you can even afford to move.

Taxes are insane in Illinois, sometimes it feels like we're getting taxed just for breathing.  That's just one major reason we are one of the worst states to be poor in - we live in a state where our income bracket is hit so hard during tax season, it's difficult to save anything.

Illinois is also one of the worst states to earn a "Medium income" in.

Unfortunately the lower the income, the harder it hits.  With a tax rate at 13.95%, no wonder residents are living paycheck-to-paycheck.

"Nationally, people in the least-wealthy fifth of the population pay around 11.4% of their income in state taxes, while the richest one-percenters pay 7.2%." [Wallethub]



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You know, let's not focus on why Illinois is the worst state to be poor in.  How about we try to find ways to make living more enjoyable for those who are on a tight budget?

There are so many ways we can save a little and have a ton of fun in Illinois.  From adventure parks, to visiting local museums, and hiking at state parks, there's so much to do for free or little-to-no cost.


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In April, Illinois residents can get free admission to tons of museums in Chicago!  The Field Museum, Shedd Aquarium, and Museum of Science and Industry are just some of the few museums on the list.

Maybe you're a more outdoorsy person!  There are four hiking trails you must visit in Illinois before summer is over - here's where they're all located.  Free Vitamin C!

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To top it off, there are a ton of family-friendly adventure parks to hit up this summer.  From arcades, to go-karts, ziplining, and VR fun, it'll totally be worth your money.

Illinois might be one of the worst states to be poor in, but at least we know how to have fun without breaking the bank!  Change my mind.

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