We know you didn't get enough sleep last night, but did you at least stay in your bed? Maybe not if you're living in the city that sleepwalks the most in Illinois.

Sleepwalking is kind of scary. I'm not sure what's scarier, being the person who does the sleepwalking or being the person who awakes to find their friend or family walking around while they are asleep!

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As far as I know, I've never taken steps while asleep, but if we move on to the subject of talking in my sleep... well it should go without saying I do that all of the time.

A recent study, done by MattressNextDay cites Des Plaines, Illinois as the city with the most sleepwalkers in Illinois. Why Des Plaines? Because they are searching for the phase 'sleepwalking,' and that's where all of this data comes from.

The list is geographically pretty interesting, It goes from Des Plaines, all the way down to Champaign, back up to Evanston and then to Arlington Heights which happens to be very close to Des Plaines.

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My hometown, Schaumburg, lands in 6th place on this list, but Rockford is nowhere to be found.

Do Rockfordians not sleepwalk? Or do we have more interesting things to Google... I mean, Rockford is haunted, so maybe we're just busy looking for ghosts instead of worrying about people who are alive walking around at night.

Do you sleepwalk?

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