Fall means warming up at our favorite restaurants and loading up on dessert whenever possible.

Dare I say fall already feels like it's coming to an end? I have hope, I really do. This weekend's forecast looks like actual fall but it seems like we REALLY need to get our act together and enjoy fall flavors as much as we possibly can before winter vibes come a'knocking.

One of my favorite fall flavors is s'mores.

Sure you can argue s'mores is a summer thing... or even winter, I guess, but in my brain s'mores screams fall.

And it's always more fun to enjoy a s'mores when it's delivered to your table with a twist.

I'm constantly surprised and delighted with the specials that Octane throws at us on social media.

Part of me wants to go to Octane every night, but I do make sure when I see a special like this one I stop in.

Last weekend, Octane shared this post on social media and I was clearly enticed to walk in and try it.

Saturday night I stopped by with my friends and we ordered two, because you have to get enough to share!


This was absoluetly the most unique s'mores dessert I've ever tried, thought I would advise either popping the bottom crust out of the bowl or digging in with a knife if you order it, the crust was pretty crusty, but the marshmallow was smooth and silk and THE CHOCOLATE WAS SO GOOD.

To be totally fair, I'd order a big brick of that chocolate if I could. Maybe I can? What Rockford dessert have you tried recently?

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