Disney Channel and Nickelodeon might've been popular way back when, but thankfully '90s babies in Illinois were too focused watching cartoons on a completely different television channel.

My parents only ever had basic cable, so I never watched The Amanda Show, Drake & Josh, or Suite Life of Zack & Cody.  I do remember the small box tv my parents had, though.  Nostalgic to think about!


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If you were a PBS kid like me, people probably called you poor because you watched Cyberchase, Clifford, Caillou, and Dragontales.

As I got older, I realized PBS kids are considered educated, able to hold intellectual conversations, and we were taught to be a good human!  Something to be proud of.

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Guess what Illinois' favorite '90s kids cartoon is?  I'll tell you right now it's not from Disney Channel or Nickelodeon.  In your face cable kids!


Arthur - FB
Arthur - FB


Don't let anyone tell you it's a red flag that you watched Reading Rainbow, Cliff Hanger, Mister Rogers, or Zoom.  All these shows were awesome and the theme songs never failed to make me sing along!

Also, Zoom had a completely made up language that both my sisters are fluent in - Ubbi Dubbi!  Not many people can put that on their resume haha. #PBSProud

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