With all these new scams making their way through Illinois lately, you should know about a carjacking scam that could put you in a very dangerous situation.

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From gift card scams, virtual kidnapping scams, and the fake "solar salesman" scam, it's time you know the signs for a new carjacking money scam circulating Illinois.


Criminals have gotten pretty crafty nowadays.  They can make anything look legitimate.  Seriously, if something seems too good to be true please go with your gut.

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If You Find Money On Your Windshield Don't Touch It, Call Police

Typically, if you find money on the ground it's your lucky day.  If you find money under your windshield wiper... it might not be your lucky day.


What Does It Mean If There's Money Under Your Windshield?

Say you return to your car after running errands, start the car, and then notice money on your windshield.  Naturally, you'd get out of the car to grab the money, but this is what you SHOULDN'T do.

Carjackers want you to step out to grab the "bait" money so they can quickly hop in your driver seat and steal your car.

The best advice is to NOT get out of your vehicle, but call the police right away.  If you're ever caught in this situation, it could turn violent and you never know what the person is capable of with that much adrenaline flowing through them.


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So, don't fall victim to this scam, or any scam for that matter.  Continue to recognize signs of scams that really are too good to be true.  Here are all the scams you need to know about.

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