Massive Storm Getting Ready to Hit Parts of Minnesota

The words "snow" and "storm" are being thrown around quite a bit in Minnesota right now.  If you haven't heard, winter is finally showing up for the Land of 10,000 Lakes.  Technically, it is officially spring and we've even got a few flowers starting to pop up out of the ground. But this is Minnesota, where we go by our own timeline for seasons...and sometimes have 4 or 5 spring-like seasons before we toss the humidity and mosquitos in the air.

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Minnesotans Urgently Buying These 10 Items Before Winter Storm Hits at the End of March

I opened my fridge this morning and realized we are in a Code Red situation at my house.  If the snow starts flying today, we are in big trouble.  We have zero milk, my coffee stash is at an extremely low supply, and we have zero snacks with chocolate.  ZERO.

Walmart+ is my go-to for getting groceries and I just put my order in this morning so we can get all stocked up on supplies before the nasty white snow starts forcing its way into our atmosphere.  Based on the "low in stock" note that kept popping up on my online order, I know that the rest of Minnesota is doing the same thing - stocking up on groceries and supplies.  If you need a list for your shopping trip, just check out the top 10 items below that people grab at the store before a storm hits.

Top 10 Items People in Minnesota Stock Up On When They Hear "Storm"

I am pretty sure that as soon as the word "storm" shows up in the forecast, people in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin are just trained to hop in their cars and go to the store. Stocking up on supplies becomes our #1 priority and we shop like we have absolutely nothing in our house to eat. So, we will up our carts with all "the things" and hope we grabbed enough to make it through the storm.

FYI - we will make it through the storm, and some of us will do that with Double Stuffed Oreos. Some of us will not...because the store shelf was empty by the time we got there.

Below are a few of the top items that we grab at the last minute before the storm hits.

Gallery Credit: Jessica On The Radio

20 Items You Can Never Return to a Minnesota Walmart Store

Before you fill that cart up, there are a few items that have been labeled as "Not-Returnable" by Walmart.  Know before you buy by browsing through the list below.

20 Items You Can Never Return to Walmart Stores

Before you hit that "Add to Cart" button or fill up your cart at Walmart, there are a few things that the big box store is selling that you will need to keep forever. Below are 20 items you can never return to a Walmart store. (And I'm really glad that a few of these are on the list!)

Gallery Credit: Jessica On The Radio

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