You may hear a unique little bark sound in your yard soon.

Now that the snow is finally starting to melt off a bit, more and more critters are coming back out. It'll be spring before we see a lot of animals but the birds, squirrels, and bunnies have been spotted in yards across the QCA recently.

A lot of animals mate in the spring but one is ready to go now.

That Mysterious, Quiet Bark

There's a good chance you'll hear a little 'bark' sound in your yard at some point in the coming weeks, especially now that the snow is starting to melt. What is it?


It's a squirrel! A girl squirrel, to be specific. 

Illinois DNR says squirrels have 2 mating seasons, the first of which is happening now.

The first season is January and February and the second mating season is in June and July. Every animal has their own mating ritual stuff, and squirrels are no different.

When a girl squirrel is being chased by a male, she might 'bark'. So that could explain a little 'bark' sound you hear and a couple of zoomy gray blobs. But if you're dedicated to keeping squirrels off your birdfeeders, don't worry too much. Squirrels don't reproduce like rabbits. Wildlife Illinois says that squirrels only have litters of 2-4 young.


But if your pup likes to chase squirrels (which ones don't?), they (and by extension, you) could be in for a marathon in the next few weeks in your yard.

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