If you have ever spent much time around a Husky, you'll completely understand what a home security camera captured recently. A Rockford, Illinois family wondered why their couch was destroyed. A security camera revealed the perpetrator was a dog.

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This fun video was just shared a couple days ago, but the video time stamp shows it was captured on November 11, 2023 in Rockford, Illinois. The owner shared this terse, but accurate description of what you'll see:

While I was at work, Echo decided to go at it with my couch. Watched it all happen on my home video camera.

Echo was not a good boy. Watch.

The American Kennel Club uses three words to describe Siberian Huskies. The last one is the most accurate: Loyal / Outgoing / mischievous

These dogs scheme ways to get into trouble. I would swear it. Don't get me wrong. I think huskies are wonderful animals and they would be my choice of dog if our family had room for one. But, you better plan on devising a way to keep them out of trouble if you make one a part of your family. They are super-smart and can practically talk (almost...or maybe it's just my imagination).

If you Google "mischievous", it will auto-complete with "Husky". Here's more evidence.

Can't blame Echo for having a little fun, but that couch will need to go under the knife for some upholstery repair thanks to him.

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