I thought I knew a lot about what is permissible and what isn't when it comes to things you can send through the US Mail in Missouri. I learned there are more than a dozen things that aren't allowable that actually surprised me and maybe they will you, too.

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My dad was a postal carrier and eventually postal clerk at the Hannibal, Missouri post office for more than three decades. As the only child of a postal worker, you'd think I'd know more about what's OK and what's not OK to mail. You would be wrong to make that assumption.

I did some digging on the US Postal Service shipping restrictions website and found a dozen or so items that you either cannot mail under any circumstances or are extremely limited. Some are obvious and others are definitely not. Here they are.

12 Surprising Things You Cannot Send through the Mail in Missouri

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The thermometer and barometer restriction surprised me. Dynamite didn't. I also thought that alcohol was OK to ship, but that's a no-no, too.

Since I've more than proven my unworthiness as a postal service expert, make sure to check the official US Postal Service shipping restrictions website for details, updates and even more items I didn't have room to mention.

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