I wish I could say this just comes from one source, but the truth is it was the conclusion from a multitude of data I've looked at. Almost unanimously, Missouri is now ranked as one of the most dangerous states in America for 2023.

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The first time I saw this mentioned in a new ranking issued just a couple weeks ago was from Roadsnacks which had Missouri as the 7th most dangerous state in America, but they're not alone.

Infographic, Roadsnacks
Infographic, Roadsnacks

WalletHub in their newly-updated 2023 list also has Missouri in the same spot as the 7th most dangerous.

Source: WalletHub

World Population Review uses different methodology, but in their ranking Missouri is still a top 10 most dangerous place.

The website Wise Voter had Missouri at #6 when it comes to homicides.

The true villain behind this rush of Missouri toward the top of the most dangerous lists is the skyrocketing violent crime rate. That can be pinned on 3 cities within the state. Looking at you, St. Louis, Springfield and Kansas City - all named among the top 10 most dangerous cities.

I would like to add my own personal perspective. For small town Missouri, this list does not apply. My family considers ourselves very safe in our small community and I don't expect that to change anytime soon.

The sad thing is I could list you a dozen different national rankings and they would all point to the same sad conclusion. Missouri is trending higher every year when it comes to overall most dangerous places to live.

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Gallery Credit: National Crime Information Center (NCIC), Missouri Highway Patrol