I have so many questions. A new ranking of states that are supposedly united at the moment asks the question of what happens if they aren't. It states that Illinois is best equipped (literally) to be a state that survives what would almost absolutely be a tragic conflict. Did I mention that I have so many questions?

Just so you know, this is not a ranking based on any of my opinions. As a matter of fact, I greatly disagree with what 24/7 Wall St just shared about states that could best survive a Civil War. Near the top of the most likely to survive a Civil War list is Illinois. 

The factors baked into this ranking are curious and include "natural resources, access to the sea for trade, sense of distinct cultural identity", etc. Illinois is rated high because of dual access to the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes. The Great Lakes aspect is obviously important.

Here's where my questions start. Why isn't Missouri rated higher? I have one reason for asking - access to nuclear weapons. I'm certainly no military strategist, but I'd think that would be a big benefit in a conflict like this.

This topic obviously has come up due to the recent and much-talked-about movie Civil War starring Kirsten Dunst. They IMDb synopsis describes the movie as "a dystopian future America, following a team of military-embedded journalists as they race against time to reach DC before rebel factions". From the trailers I've seen, it's a chilling look at what could happen if all the flaming social media posts find weapons.

I'm not trying to start an interstate fight, but Missouri has access to the Mississippi River just like Illinois does (plus the Missouri River, too). Would nuclear weapons help Missouri defeat Illinois? Let's hope we all never find out.

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