When you hear the music, hear the bells, you know that a sweet treat is heading your way this summer! When the ice cream truck hits your neighborhood this summer, will you go for the FAVORITE of Illinois? ShaneCo

I have to say, when I learned what the favorite Illinois 'Ice Cream Truck Treat' was, I was very disappointed. With all of the amazing choices, really people?

Cute little boy share ice cream with his sister

Think about this...Bomb Pops, Push-Ups, Fudgesicle, Choc Tacos, ice cream sandwiches!! The list of great ice cream treats go on and on. Alaska likes Snow Cones by the way, how weird is that?

Good Humor
Good Humor

So let's take a look at some of these, Illinois...We will get to you in a bit. Seriously, guys.

  • California - Fudge Pop
  • Texas - Fudge Pop
  • Florida - Fudge Pop
  • Colorado - Klondike Bar
  • Oklahoma - Snow Cone
  • Kansas - Klondike Bar
  • Illinois - Lemon Ice

Lemon Ice??? Oh, and it's not just Illinois...Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana...Lemon Freakin' Ice. In fact, this was the OVERALL FAVORITE of America. WTH?!?

ShaneCo/The Loupe
ShaneCo/The Loupe

Maybe I'm underestimating Lemon Ice, maybe because it's something you can booze to is the ultimate answer here. Who knows, I just know that Bomb Pops are fantastic.

Jan Tyler

Well, whatever floats your boat, whatever cools you off, it's all good. If you are lucky enough to have that "Ice Cream Truck' roll through your neighborhood...Summertime goes next level for sure.


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