Sebastian Bach is sitting on a bevy of previously unheard Skid Row material.

During an appearance on Talkin’ Rock with Meltdown, the singer detailed some of the recordings in his possession.

“I have unreleased 24-track reel to reel tapes from Electric Ladyland (studios) of songs that we recorded and never put out,” Bach explained. “And the only copy of them is in my archives.”

The rocker further noted his collection include extensive recordings from Skid Row’s 1992 Slave to the Grind tour.

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“We recorded every show on the Slave to the Grind tour from the soundboard on DAT (digital audio tape),” Bach revealed. “Nobody had a DAT player except me and nobody wanted these tapes except me. And I have the whole tour on DAT. I have a box of all those DAT tapes that are just sitting there.”

Sebastian Bach Wants to Release the Unheard Material, But There's a Problem

Bach admitted he’d like to get this archival material released, specifically noting the possibility of box sets.

“I would like someday to do the whole box set treatment for the first Skid Row record and Slave to the Grind and even Subhuman Race,” the singer noted. However, the likelihood of such a release seems faint due to the band's ongoing feud with their former frontman.

“Don’t hold your breath,” Bach quipped. “Because everybody’s mad and angry about whatever happened in ‘96. Whenever they want to get over that, give me a call. Because I’m the guy who has the archives.”

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Bach was fired from Skid Row in 1996. Tensions had been strained within the group for some time, and an argument over an offer to open for Kiss ultimately became the final straw.

In recent years, Bach has expressed his interest in reuniting with Skid Row for some shows, however the feeling has not been reciprocated. Even if they never tour together again, Bach is hopeful the musicians can set aside their differences to get the unheard material released.

“If anybody wants the Skid Row archives, including Skid Row,” Bach professed, suggesting he's just waiting for a call. “I mean I could go over and put all that on YouTube this afternoon, if I felt like it. But I just sit around, waiting, collecting dust on the box, waiting. Someday, maybe we’ll put this out.”

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