Worst Star Wars Movie ever is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

Once you go beyond the original trilogy of Star Wars movies, the serious debate begins. What movies are good and which are bad?

Even though each fan has their own opinion, I think many would agree that there's definitely one that fits the role of "Worst Star Wars Movie Of All-Time."

The winner or should I say loser is "The Star Wars Holiday Special."

That film was so horrible, it was only shown once. It's a special year for that infamous show.

According to movieweb.com,

"This week, the "Star Wars Holiday Special" officially turns 40 years old. The program was initially made for television, premiering on CBS back in 1978. Immediately upon its release, the special was heavily lambasted, and as a result, it was never aired on television again."

It's so terrible, one of the stars, Mark Hamill aka Luke Skywalker, admitted on Twitter he's never been able to watch the whole thing.

Luckily the fans are forgiving and the movie series went on to be one of the biggest of all time.

The only way to experience the disaster now is on YouTube. Some viewers recorded the show when it originally aired.

If you've never experienced it, check it out for yourself.

Video: The Star Wars Holiday Special (High Quality)

May The Force Be With You.


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