How the "hashtag" started is a great story, we are so #Blessed...or something.

Hashtag notification concept

#HappyBirthday pound sign, or hashtag, or excuse to be cute on social media. According to the NYTIMES here is the story of how hashtags started. In '07 a guy by the name of Chris Messina was using Twitter for business, and his buddy was ticked that he was getting tweets about crap he didn't care about.

So with this, the guys created a social media platform that would help in separating things so you can see what you want to see. Genius.


So here it is, the initial tweet. Ten years later, we MUST end all post to social media with some sort of #hashtag whether for the right reason or not.

So #HappyBirthday #Hashtag, we here at #967TheEagle are enjoying your contribution to social media, #Blessed

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