How I wish I could share "this," with Miss Guice.

Photo - Captain Jack
Photo - Captain Jack

What do you remember about the 4th grade? Maybe who some of your buddies were, a girl you had a crush on, what your favorite cartoon was? I remember Miss Guice.

I was TOLD by Miss Guice what after school activities I should take part in. I was TOLD by Miss Guice that when I spoke in front of the class, that I was better than it again. I was TOLD by Miss Guice that I was in charge of my future and that I could do whatever I wanted.

During "Teacher Appreciation Week", I wanted to say thank you to a teacher that treated us like young adults and made it perfectly clear that she wanted to be reminded of us long after she finished teacher.

"I want to read about you in the newspaper, I want to see you on television and HEAR YOU ON THE RADIO..."

Sadly, Miss Guice passed away years ago and I was never able to share "this" with her. Thank you, Miss Guice.




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