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It's "National Weather Person's Day," and these three are the best of the best in Rockford. Thank you and Happy National Weather Person's Day to the WTVO and Fox 39 crew!

What a career to take on, thousands of people relying on you to begin their day. Plus with how unpredictable Mother Nature can be, you could forecast a massive storm rolling through and all of a sudden it changes direction.

The hours of work these three put in to not only give you the absolute most accurate forecast possible, but to explain the "why" for each crazy day in the Midwest. Imagine having to get to work as fast as possible, racing a storm to get there...to warn people about a storm. Side note that green screen thing is no joke! I attempted to do the forecast on Fox 39 and WTVO one morning and I looked like Godzilla crushing Rockford.

We appreciate the hard work that Joey Marino (which by the way, provides 96.7 The Eagle with daily weather forecasts) Candice King, and Kevin Doom puts in. I think the fact that they are simply "good" and don't have to cram it down your throat at every turn, says a lot about them.

Accurate, inviting, with a pleasant delivery...Thanks you three, and Happy National Weather Person's Day to the BEST in Rockford.

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