I feel with the number of tacos I consume that National Taco Day should be tomorrow since it's also my birthday, but it is, in fact, today October 4th.

I'm such a taco lover that I also enjoy a good taco pizza every now and then too. And per the National Day Calendar, that is a totally expectable way to participate today as well.

Rockford is blessed to have a ton of amazing places to go and grab tacos to celebrate with.

For you taco traditionalist here the top spots to grab tacos in the Forest City:

  • Los Portales - 805 E State St, Rockford
  • Lucha Cantina Rockford -  1641 N Alpine Rd, Rockford
  • Aero Ale House - 6144 E Riverside Blvd, Loves Park (I hear their fish tacos are AMAZING!)
  • La Chiquita Food Market - 1414 S Main St, Rockford
  • Guanajuato Mexican Grocery - 519 Marchesano Dr, Rockford
  • Ana's Mexican Restaurant - 3222 S Alpine Rd, Rockford
  • Fiesta Cancun - 3 locations, Rockford, Loves Park, and Roscoe
  • Dos Reales Mexican Restaurant - 5855 E State St, Rockford
  • Mexico Classico - 3929 Broadway, Rockford
  • Taco Betty's - 212 E State St, Rockford

If you're feeling adventurous and want to try a taco pizza here are some of the places I like to grab mine from:

  • Buster's Bar & Grill - 7113 N Alpine Rd, Loves Park
  • Windsor Pizza Parlor - 1034 Windsor Rd, Loves Park
  • Pizza Ranch - 4797 Bluestem Rd, Roscoe (Their taco pizza reminds me of old school Godfather's/Happy Joe's taco pizza)


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