Lots and lots of pictures, plus videos and social media posting will wear down that cell phone battery.

Sean Gallup / Getty Images

Taking a tour of all the wonderful Christmas light displays in Rockford while snapping pictures? How about a Facebook Live video from Sinnissippi Park? What if the Uncle Jeremy gets loaded during Christmas dinner at Hooters, you better Snapchat that.

Your cell phone battery is going to take quite a beating the next few weeks, are you charging your phone the right way?

I plug my phone in pretty much all day. While I'm on the air my phone is always charging. I also plug it in overnight while I am sleeping, is that the right way to do things?

According to Simple Most, Apparently We’ve Been Charging Our Phones All Wrong. Are you waiting until your phone battery has single digit percent of life left? Are you keeping your phone plugged in long after it is at 100% battery life?

Here are some tips to keep you battery strong and your phone properly charged. I'd hate for you to have a dead battery as you witness a local government official stumbling out of a downtown Rockford bar on Christmas Eve.

  • Charge your phone throughout the day whenever you can, instead of once at night. Nothing wrong with charging in short doses.
  • Don’t charge your phone to 100 percent,  high voltage stresses the battery. So try to take your phone off your charger before it hits 100%.
  • Don’t keep your phone plugged in when it’s fully charged, this can wear down the battery and do damage in the long run.

We are all "plugged in" on a daily basis, make sure you are fully charged.