Our state has had its fair share of movies based here, filmed here, or both. One website has now revealed who they think is the best film in a state by state basis.

What film do they feel is the best based in Illinois? The answer may surprise you.


Thrillist.com has picked the 1993 film The Fugitive, starring Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones, as the best movie based in Illinois.

One of the reasons this film was chosen because of its director, Andrew Davis, calling him the unsung hero of Chicago filmmaking. Partly due to the scene where Ford's Dr. Richard Kimble escapes from his nemesis Jones' Deputy US Marshal Samuel Gerard by blending in a St. Patty's Day parade.

Part of the criteria for making this list was how much of the movie took place in that given state. So road trip films were not included in the decision making.

But doesn't say whether or not if taking place in a fictional city in that state automatically disqualified the film.

Because that would be the only reason I could think of for ANY John Hughes film or even Halloween not to be included on this list.

I mean The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Ferris Buller's Day Off, or even Home Alone are a far better choice than The Fugitive. But that's just me.



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