Flippin' the bird, giving the bird, the one finger salute...Is it illegal in Illinois to do this to a police officer? ShubinLaw

We have all given the finger to someone, at some point...But have you/would you flip off a police officer? You drive past a cop and give then the finger, that will get you pulled over and ticketed or arrested...Right?

Obviously this isn't the smartest thing to do. Here's the actual legality about doing this:

Giving the finger is protected under your First Amendment right to freedom of speech, and you can’t be arrested for it. - ShubinLaw

TSM Rockford
TSM Rockford

O.K. so you can't be arrested for it, got it. But...obviously no matter who you do it to, they are going to be offended and it could lead to more. Sure, the officer didn't pull you over for giving the one finger salute...But you just got their attention, and you might get a little bit more attention from that officer.

It isn’t against the law to give a police officer the middle finger. Although it’s generally considered rude and insulting, it’s not illegal. However, it may toe the line of disorderly conduct. Generally, it’s not wise to get into an argument with a police officer, and giving a cop the middle finger may be provocative. - ShubinLaw

Simply put, while it's not illegal...Don't do it, because it will catch up with you. Toeing the line of "disorderly conduct" isn't good for anyone, in ANY situation.

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