I witnessed something over the weekend that blew me away.

Photo - Captain Jack
Photo - Captain Jack


While leaving a local establishment with my hands full, I propped the door open with my foot for the woman entering the business. 30 seconds later I watch a guy enter and basically drop the door so it hit a lady in the face. Now I'm not saying I'm a perfect gentleman by any mean, but there are some stuff you just always do.

Is Chivalry dead in Rockford? Are the ways of our parents on how a man should treat a woman, simply a thing of the past?

Ladies, do you know a man that still does these following things? Here are 9 Chivalrous Habits Of A True Gentleman That Make Women Melt.

  • Open the Door
  • Save the Last Bite of Food
  • Spend Time With Your Family
  • Suffer Through a Girlie Movie
  • Send Flowers
  • Walk on the Outside of the Sidewalk
  • Kissing Your Forehead
  • Fill up Your Gas Tank
  • Put Your Jacket on

If your mama would be proud, do it.



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