This video has been around for a while, but it never … repeat … NEVER gets old. If you've never been able to meet Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson, you can thank Mullet Man, who likely spoiled all future fan interaction for Bruce after this encounter.

Mullet Man is played by British actor Paul Hawkyard, who portrayed the character a handful of times for 'The Mullet Man Show,' 'The Scuzzy's' and 'Mulletman's Incomplete History of Donington.' In a hilarious blitzkrieg caught on camera, Mullet Man had a run-in with Bruce Dickinson, who sings for the idiotic fan's third favorite band.

You can tell that Bruce was completely blindsided by Mullet Man in this clip. After playing nice for a few moments and attempting to walk away, the Iron Maiden singer was chased down by Mullet Man. The character is ecstatic to remind Dickinson about the time he rushed the stage and tried to get the singer to sign his breast, leading to a security guard beat down which left Mullet Man with a metal plate in his head and one less testicle.

Bruce quickly had enough of Mullet Man, but the fan just wouldn't let up. Mullet Man criticized the Maiden singer for cutting his hair before screaming, "I'm evil! I sold my soul to rock and roll!" Mullet Man once again asked Bruce to sign his breast, but came up empty-breasted.

Relive the hilarious encounter between Bruce Dickinson and Mullet Man in the clip above!

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