For fans of magic in Illinois, this lounge is a very unique experience.

Is it Okay To Admit That You Enjoy Magic?

I'm not afraid to admit that I'm a big nerd but how far do you go with the truth? My friend plays "Dungeons and Dragons" and he talks about it all the time. I've given him the advice that he probably shouldn't share that with anyone. Of course, it's all in fun.

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When I was a kid, I liked magic but unfortunately, that wasn't the "coolest" thing in the world to be a fan of. In reality, I believe it's best to just be yourself.

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Magic Is Now A Cool Thing

Then, all of sudden after years of being a dorky thing, magic became cool. Thanks to magicians like Criss Angel. He had the look and personality of a Rock Star. Plus, magic shows are some of the biggest productions in Vegas.

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Chicago Has A History Of Magic

Chicago being the unique city that it is, especially when it comes to entertainment, I was not surprised to find out there was quite the "magic" scene back in the day. In fact, Chicago had its own style of magic.

What Is Chicago Style Magic?

According to, 

In the early 1900s, at 1800 N. Halsted, in a little place called "Schulien's," the owner's son would greet patrons at their tables and sit down with them to show them close-up Magic while waiting for their food.


Close-up is typically done with cards, coins, and other quite common items.


This was the first time that Magic was presented in this intimate setting.


This type of magic worked well for people living in the Windy City. They really enjoyed the intimate type of show in a relaxed atmosphere like a tavern. Soon, "magic bars" opened throughout Chicago.

Then "magic shows" became a "Vegas thing" and the Chicago scene died. There were no clubs left until recently.

A Chicago magician missed those days and brought them back for nostalgia. Once a week, he would perform a "Chicago Style" magic show at different clubs in the city. They went over big time and fans wanted more.

That's when he decided to open the Chicago Magic Lounge. It's a 7,200 square-foot, theater with a lounge. It gives you the feel of a speakeasy. The shows are dedicated to the original "Chicago Style" of magic.

If you're a fan of magic, this is something you definitely have to check out. By the way, it's okay to admit that you enjoy magic. For more info, HERE.

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