A woman from Illinois will not be allowed to use her planned pistachio defense in court.

If you get arrested and go to court, your lawyer comes up with a defense to get you out of the charges.

For a woman in Round Lake Beach, Illinois, her plan will not be surmisable.

According to nwherald.com,

"Pistachio shell defense barred from Round Lake beach woman's trial."

When she goes to court, this woman will not be able to use the following information to fight her case. The fact that the police had mistaken pistachio shells for marijuana.

Before you say anything, let me add this little tidbit.

She was charged for possession but not for the pot. The lady was busted for having a bottle of Tramadol that she had illegally.

Her defense was going to be that after the police saw the pistachio shells, she was asked to exit the vehicle. At that point, she admitted to having the pills and was arrested. If the officer would have correctly identified the nuts, she wouldn't have been busted.

The judge said if she brings it up during the trial, it will be immediately stricken from the record and jurors will be asked to ignore the statement.

I guess she better come up with a better plan.


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