Twenty-six years after it was sent, a woman receives a postcard.

In the world of next day shipping, it's hard to believe that something would take this long to arrive through the mail. At least, it finally got there even though it was many years later.

According to,

"An Illinois woman said she is trying to solve an intriguing mystery after a postcard showed up at her house that was postmarked 26 years ago. She initially thought the postcard had been delivered to the wrong address when it showed up July 8 at her Springfield home, but a closer look revealed it had been sent to a previous resident exactly 26 years earlier, July 8, 1993."

The current resident at the address is hoping the original family will see the story and be able to claim their missing mail.

The postcard was sent by a father to his daughter while he was on a trip to Hong Kong.

I understand sending something that far would take some time but twenty-six years seems a bit too long.

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